bio.jpg (5996 bytes)      There could not be a more appropriate artistic technique than the 3-D multilevel, hand cut, mixed media print employed by T.H. Gomillion to capture and flow in his art.

     Decoupage, 3-Dimensional, is an ideal creative expression for Gomillion. He applied his practical experience to art production and began a rewarding career as a 3-D artist. His exceptional talent and technique have given new dimension to 3-D art visually exciting and collectable.

     Often his work depicts people carrying out everyday task. And other times its the gesture of movement with a tapestry of form and vibrant colors. Gomillion's art work has a unique ability to communicate with people of various cultures.

Brief Biography

     A native Washingtonian was raised in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.  He later returned to Washington, DC, where he completed his high school education.  He was able to attend college by virtue of his athletic abilities which earned him a scholarship at Winston-Salem State College.  At Winston-Salem, he studied the works of Black Artists, and learned through the eyes of others that his works can take form and life.

     After many years of coaching his love of the arts led him to earning  a Graduate Degree from Trinity College in Washington, DC.  As an Artist, he shared some of his skills and knowledge with various DC Community Art Programs.

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